February 15, 2004

posted by Scott @ 4:05 PM
ArchPundit on Hull

ArchPundit gives Hull a pass on having no legislative experience. I concede that it's not a prerequisite to be qualified for office, but Hull has yet to convince me that he has anything to offer in its stead other than the ability to strategically buy the election.

Also scroll down a bit and check out ArchPundit's summary of the Dem and Rep contenders after the NPR debate from last week. He's right on target with his summary of Pappas' debating skills:

Pappas--good name recognition, but some of the most bizarre statements in a debate since W. Is there a campaign plan or is she just running around like a chicken with her head cut off?

Every time she spoke, I cringed.

[ed. note: After rereading Archpundit's entry, I'll have to retract my claim that he "gives Hull a pass on having no legislative experience." His point that the buying of the election by Hull is no different than Hynes's nepotism is well taken. Nevertheless, I still think we should all make Hull jump through a few more hoops beyond scoring well in the polls before we declare him a legitimate candidate. To me such numbers just indicate that he is the only one spending money on tv ads right now. Hopefully that will change and the poll numbers with it.]

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