February 27, 2004

posted by Scott @ 3:09 PM
Obama and the DLC

Chicago: Howtown recently wrote that Obama's support in the African American community was being compromised by his connection to the DLC. Such an association would certainly hurt him in the eyes of the African-American community, but it's not clear that this relationship exists. Howtown failed to mention that this allegation happened way back in June in a series of articles in the Black Commentator. Read the full dialogue between Obama and Black Commentary and decide for yourself:

In Search of the Real Barack Obama

Muzzling the African American Agenda with Black Help

Not Corrupted by DLC, Says Obama

Obama to Have Name Removed from DLC List

From reading this exchange, I think it's far from certain that Obama has any substantial ties to the DLC or it's ideology. I guess it's possible, but even back during last summer the position of the DLC in the Democratic Party was anything but certain (ask Joe Lieberman) so it's hard to conceive why Obama would have wanted to align himself with what most commentators saw as a fleeting element of the Party. By the Fall, following the lead of Dean, Democrats all around the country were catching on to the idea that Democratic voters were unimpressed by the DLC line (on the war and otherwise). So if Obama was trying to jockey his way into influence once he got to the Senate, betting on the DLC would be foolhardy. He has all of his integrity to lose and not much to gain. In any case, from the debates and interviews of the past six months, I haven't heard Obama stray from his anti-war anti-Patriot Act schtick (see below for audio clips) so I'm not sure the BC arguments holds any water now.

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