February 16, 2004

posted by Scott @ 1:42 PM
Sully on Gay Marriage:

I'm always torn whether to recommend Andrew Sullivan's blog to people, because he is such a blockhead when it comes to foreign policy and politics in general. I read him regularly because I like disagreeing with people, but I feel guilty with each hit I give him. Nevertheless, he is stellar on certain social issues, mostly because he is deft at exposing the hypocrisy of the far right's social interventionism. And he's all over the gay marriage debate. As he would say, moneyquote:

Something is happening out there. Instead of begging for the basic right to marry, gay couples are now demanding it. In San Francisco, they are simply getting married as an act of civil disobedience. And that is also happening across the country. This will alter the debate - as will the actual existence of marriages in Massachusetts in May. The debate will become how to tear gay couples apart, how to demean and marginalize them, rather than an abstract debate about theories of marriage. And as these couples begin to feel what marriage is like, as they experience what civil equality actually is, they will become emboldened. Just as those who refused to leave segregated lunch-counters began to deepen their sense of moral outrage and conviction, so the act of getting married - something heterosexuals simply assume they have - is empowering. When Massachusetts becomes the first free state for gay citizens, the movement will explode. I predict thousands of couples from all over the country and the world will arrive to claim their dignity and rights - and this experience will help transform the argument.

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