March 24, 2004

posted by Scott @ 2:15 PM
35th Ward Judges
Just wanted to add to Paul's comments on the foibles of election judges. It's not exclusively a 26th Ward matter of course. The judges in my precinct in the 35th Ward were equally amateurish. At the end of the night the count was 32 ballots short. This was because the judges, rather than having voters who over-voted recast a new ballot, categorized these over-voted ballots as provisional ballots. But over-votes aren't provisional, just spoiled ballots. Basically that means that 32 people in a precinct of 250 total voters were disenfranchised on the 16th. The election board was supposed to clear this up later that night, but this just further proves that the city has a serious problem of inexperienced election judges.

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