March 01, 2004

posted by Scott @ 4:58 PM
The Blair Affair
I've said enough about the Hull incident below, but here is a summary of how the press has been covering it:

Hull's stormy divorce records unsealed

Paper show Hull threats, profanity

Hull's ex-wife called him violent man in divorce file

Candidate's marriage portrayed as stormy, on one occasion violent

Police report: Wife said she kicked Hull, he hit her

Hull, ex-wife ask judge to unseal divorce files

Hull's Divorce Records Unsealed

Focus On Blair Hull's Campaign

Hull campaign not ruined, experts say

Deciphering Blair Hull

Hull learning nothing fair in Illinois politics

Full Disclosure

Zorn has been on this from the beginning with some good columns-

The real Hull slips out from behind the ads

Hull's biggest mistake isn't in divorce file

And of course lots more commentary in his notebook

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