March 19, 2004

posted by Scott @ 1:22 PM
Election Day Observations: Part 2
In an attempt to do some actual journalism, rather than just comment on other reporter's work, I headed down to Obama's victory party on Tuesday night. Well, I just stood and watched so I guess I was just observing, no actual journalism, but you get what I mean. The place was packed and I stood near the tv camera setup in the middle of the middle of the ballroom. While Obama gave his acceptance speech (which was new material for a few minutes but then disappointingly fell back on elements of his stump speech), I watched Jesse Jackson try to hog the spotlight, Nancy Skinner scurry around hugging people, and Andy Shaw berate his sound guy and chug beers in between segments. If you watched the event on the boob tube at home you probably noticed that Sheila Simon introduced him to the stage. She's actually a pretty impressive speaker herself, but I couldn't help but notice that she was wearing the exact same outfit that she wore in the Obama commercials she was featured in. Odd, don't you think? So as you can see, I did some real hard hitting journalism at the event.

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