March 02, 2004

posted by Scott @ 3:06 PM
Enter Pappas
I just saw my first Chico ad last night, and now it looks like we'll have one more ad to the mix this week to be dazzled by. Seeing Hull wounded, Pappas has shelled out her own bucks to try to edge her way to the top. I don't think it will work this late in the game, but it could eat away at Hynes' numbers. I guess we should wait until the spots air. I've only seen Pappas in press photos, but she's an attractive older woman, no? It could be a welcome change to voters who are weary of seeing Hull's ferret-like mug.
Speaking of looks, I just saw the newest Hynes ad featuring his wife. If Hynes didn't have that quasi-republicut comb-over, one could mistake those two for reality show starlets.

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