March 14, 2004

posted by Scott @ 10:24 AM
Hull in a Nutshell
The Trib sums up our favorite newsmaker nicely:

But if Ronald Reagan was the Teflon president, Hull has become something of a Velcro candidate, with scandal and controversy sticking to him at virtually every turn of his campaign in recent weeks.

Supporters can blame the press all they want, but every candidate is subject to their scrutiny. Some just have more substance to their candidacy to fall back on.

A note about the latest Hull ads: now that he finally has dissipated the scandals (after three weeks, nice work Hull consultants), he's now moved on to droning on about his trips to Canada to help seniors save on prescription drugs. Since he's into such short term solutions to solve such a big problem, I think he should unveil a new more effective short term solution in the final days of the campaign. He should load a fleet of buses with Illinois seniors, drive them across the border and then leave them there. Those seniors won't be complaining now, will they?

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