March 03, 2004

posted by Scott @ 10:11 PM
Hull Takes Action:
From Capitol Fax:

"Blair Hull's campaign is likely going up this weekend with a huge barrage of TV ads, according to insiders. Hull has reportedly committed to spending as much as $8 million between now and the end of the campaign, several inside sources said.

So far, Hull has been unable to convince his ex-wife to appear in a TV ad to defend him against allegations she, herself, made against him about domestic abuse. Hull and his aides have tried repeatedly to make the case, but the deal has not yet been sealed. Hull's children appear in a new newspaper ad, however."

Having his ex in an ad would be huge for him. At this stage, it's probably the only way to get this mess behind him. He has the ad money to do it should she agree. If I were her I'd do it only if he could name me head of the National Film Office (or create the office if it doesn't already exist).

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