March 26, 2004

posted by Scott @ 2:43 PM
I'll Miss Bob Too
Perhaps not as much as Alexandra Marshall, but NPR's move to replace Bob Edwards seems ridiculous, especially considering there's no heir apparent to Edward's perfectly competant anchoring. Marshall isn't too thrilled about potential replacement Steve Inskeep:

"I'm listening to Inskeep this very minute on "All Things Considered" as he whispers from Kurdish Sulaimania about its new public library, "decorated with Roman columns and an entire wall of glass." His wide-eyed, Midwestern-ye-ye delivery has a mighty familiar ring: He's Justin Timberlake to Edwards' Michael Jackson. They might as well just turn the whole network over to Sunday "Weekend Edition" puzzlemaster Will Shortz."

Ahh....Will Shorzt. I've awoken hungover many a time on the weekend to you're geeky delivery. But the question is whether him running Morning Edition everyday would be more annoying than the pledge drive?

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