March 05, 2004

posted by Scott @ 3:56 PM
Latest Polls

-Southtown Poll-

Barack Obama: 28 percent
M. Blair Hull: 23 percent
Dan Hynes: 22 percent
Maria Pappas: 10 percent
Gery Chico: 3 percent
Joyce Washington: 3 percent
Nancy Skinner: 1 percent
Not sure: 11 percent

Jack Ryan: 44 percent
Jim Oberweis: 18 percent
Andy McKenna: 10 percent
Steve Rauschenberger: 4 percent
Other: 6 percent
Not sure: 18 percent

Hull's dip may not have that much to do with the divorce scandal:

"While recent news coverage of Hull has centered on claims by his ex-wife that Hull hit her when they were married, some 46 percent of likely Democratic voters polled had not heard of his contentious divorce."

I think everyone knew that the polls would even out once Hynes and Obama got on the airwaves, but I think that these numbers also reflect the deep reservations voters have about sending an unknown businessman to Washington. It's not just the order of protection, it's a list of defects: no voting record, bad debating skills, perception of trying to buy the seat, and no political experience. Measured up against Obama and Hynes, Hull just can't compete. Certainly the press has helped drive these points home, but this seems to have occurred mostly in the Chicago area. The questions is whether down staters will catch on to Hull's deficiencies in time.

Here are today's headlines:

Latest poll shows Ryan can take heat

Obama surges to lead in Southtown poll

Poll Shows Close Race For Democratic Senate Candidate

Ill. Dems move to Obama, away from Hull

Hull: Protection order was legal tactic

Sparks fly between Dems over Hull's ex-wife and money

Hull calls protection order 'legal tactic

Messy divorce tale told by Hull

Hull abandons above-the-fray, front-runner style

Four letters: Ponce, McKenna, Rausch, Obama, and Hull

Rivals hit Oberweis on immigration

Contribution from MJ helps Obama campaign fund soar

Senate candidates make loans to campaigns

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