March 10, 2004

posted by Scott @ 10:45 PM
Polls, Polls, Polls
I haven't posted much about the polls this week only because I've been a bit busy this week. But they are starting to show some lasting trends. Here's the latest from Survey USA:

Data Collected 3/6/04 - 3/8/04

Dems (margin of error 3.6%)

Obama 44%

Hull 20%

Hynes 18%

Pappas 7%

Chico 6%

Other/Undecided 5%

Rep (margin of error 5.0%)

Ryan 37%

Oberweis 23%

McKenna 14%

Rauschenberger 11%

Borling 4%

Other/Undecided 10%

I'll let ArchPundit do the number crunching, but clearly this poll proves that Obama is the solid frontrunner. This is the second poll that has him substantially beating the margin of error. Ryan's lead is shrinking, but Oberweis has a lot of ground to make up in a very short time.

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