March 30, 2004

posted by Scott @ 11:53 AM
Ryan Divorce File Case Progresses
From these reports (Trib, Trib, and ST), it looks like the judge is leaning to have the most of Ryan's divorce files to be released.

""The issues raised in this case go right to the heart of public confidence in the judicial system," Schnider said. Those issues include the "transparency" of the court system and the demonstration by the courts "to show there is no favoritism to the rich and the powerful," Schnider said.

Schnider said he expects to keep sealed parts of the files that relate to Ryan's son. If, however, there are "allegations the [Ryans] made about each other," he expects to release portions of the documents related to any such allegations, Schnider said."

This doesn't look good for Ryan if there is anything damaging in the files. Last week on Chicago Tonight he categorically denied that there was anything damaging in the files. Eating one's words is nothing compared to lying to your party and damaging their chances for a Senate seat. Dems of course want this trial to drag on for a little while longer so whatever is released comes out closer to the Fall. Whatever the files eventually reveal, and of course that could be nothing, this guarantees press coverage on matters other than Ryan's prowess and momentum, which is being heaved on Obama by the boat-load. It's a long way to November, but this certainly isn't an auspicious start for Ryan and the GOP.

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