March 06, 2004

posted by Scott @ 10:30 AM
Sexton Ain't Playing Ball
Well, it looks like this incident won't exactly be going away that quickly. Hull's decision to diminish the order of protection by claiming that Sexton was jockeying for money has elicited this response from her:

"I will not be victimized by him again about the events surrounding our divorce.........

But Sexton said a sworn affidavit outlining allegations of abusive behavior by Hull before their 1998 divorce was "an accurate account of the events it describes."

She wanted him out of house

She entered into a settlement with Hull only weeks after the incident "because I was very anxious to get Blair out of my home," Sexton contended. "If, as Blair now falsely claims, `this was only about money' I would have continued to litigate in court."

"There are those who think they aid Blair's candidacy by asserting that information in the divorce file is not true, but they cannot change the facts," she said.

"They were not present at the times in question. I was. I know the truth."

Sexton said she was "shocked and hurt" to see Hull intimate in a televised debate Thursday night and again Friday in newspaper and Internet ads that she overstated claims she made in their divorce case to extract more money from him in a settlement."

Well, that didn't work did it. Hull's camp continues to misplay this incident. Granted he's in a tough spot, he doesn't want to admit that he was violent but denying it completely brings Sexton's wrath. But this could have all been avoided if dealt with early on, like before the last month before the primary when reporters finally dug it up. Maybe it's because I'm watching this race so intimately, but I have to say that this ranks up there in terms of greatest campaign blunders. What are your favorites?

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