March 03, 2004

posted by Scott @ 5:08 PM
Sun-Times Editorial Page Bodyslams Hull
First Sue Ontiveros softens him up with the camel clutch:

"What we know after reading the published accounts of Hull and Sexton's ugly confrontations doesn't sound good. According to the records and a police report, which Hull has not denied, he hit Sexton, threw a remote control at her, called her vile names repeatedly and threatened to kill her. If we had read those same incidents about a truck driver from the South Side, we'd call it abuse.
But Hull doesn't think so. Maybe that's the scariest part. He is a successful businessman who has given big bucks to pro-women causes -- so perhaps he thinks it's more civil, more acceptable, when his behavior gets ugly."

And then she tags Cindy Richards for the double leg take down:

"Experience should count. Records of accomplishment should count. And, yes, it should matter whether you hit your wife -- even if you only did it once during a contentious divorce."

Ouch. Seeing how badly the Hull camp has handled this incident is like watching a trainwreck in slow motion.
[update] Case in point: Hull calls in press, then takes a hike.

Anyone see the ads from his kids? I read online so I haven't.

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