March 25, 2004

posted by Scott @ 1:26 PM
Well That Didn't Work
A few months ago, the Oberweis campaign probably thought it was stroke of genius to meld his mediocre campaign with his ever popular dairy business. How many times did you see him or those endorsing him on t.v. without icecream within a 5 foot radius? They even icecreamed his name, replacing his "i" with a cone (in my opinion he should have been disqualified from the primary right there just on grounds of freakin lameness). Little did they know that immigrant bashing and dairy products don't mix. The Trib reports that Oberweis Dairy is admitting that they have been losing customers over his imfamous helicopter ad.

In an initial response to the controversy the Dairy even tried to deny that Jim was linked to the business:

"Mr. Oberweis and his campaign are not associated with the dairy."

Hmmm....I assume then that all that icecream was just a coincidence. Oberweis can't have it both ways of course: his family's company has to sink or swim with the campaign. This gets back to my original bewilderment over the logic of those ads. Who in their right mind thought that immigrant bashing was going to be an effective strategy? The reason that those ads were so funny wasn't because they were noxious to liberal sentiments; they were hilarious because of the extent that they misunderstood how unacceptable such attacks were to pretty much everyone on the political spectrum, except for a few extreme conservatives. Now after getting crushed in the primary the family dairy is taking it on the chin. Good, they deserve it. Not so much from being bigoted boobs, though that would enough for me, but from not seeing what a stupid strategy it was in the first place.

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