April 03, 2004

April Fools? 

posted by Scott @ 8:26 PM
I'm up for a joke as much as anyone, but this April fools gag about Obama heading to Kenya just seems cruel and not in the least bit humorous:

"Reports that the American of Kenyan descent in the race to clinch a seat in the US senate, Mr Barrack Obama, was jetting home to meet supporters and build a Simba - a traditional Luo grass-thatched hut - in his father's home, deceived many.
However, plans by some people to move to the Moi Stadium to secure seats for his rally were marred by drizzles, which went on for the most part of the morning.
It was not until 1pm, when people saw Works and Housing minister Raila Odinga addressing a business function in Nairobi, that most Obama supporters realized they had been fooled.
According to the story titled "Obama jets in today", Raila would have been one of the key leaders to attend the politician's rally.
In Siaya, residents, among them Cllr Awando Ondere, also fell for the hoax. Ondere, a distant cousin of Obama, had, on reading the story, started arranging a party in honour of the senate aspirant.
Anxious residents, longing to see their "son", made arrange-ments to move to the Nyangoma Kogelo village for a grand reception.
Others, led by Ondere, planned to travel to Kisumu - about 80 kilometres away - to attend the rally. The councillor could not hide his disappointment when journalists informed him that it was, after all, a joke. "What do you mean a joke. This is a very serious matter," he remarked in vernacular."

Wow, who's the comic genius behind this one?

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