April 01, 2004

ArchPundit Diagnoses Ryan's Ills 

posted by Scott @ 3:09 PM
ArchPundit has a good post summarizing the challenges Ryan faces in the next 8 months.

"Ryan's problems at this point are many. He is spending what should be a press honeymoon, talking about something that is not on message. His opponent is being fawned over in the press nationally and locally more than a candidate usually gets in that honeymoon after a primary.
He is making the press annoyed. The press, out of lots of experience, don't trust candidates when they say "trust me". The more they do it, the more cynical and jaded the press becomes. Ryan's short term press problem could easily be turned into a permanent problem. Ask Hull."

The fact that Ryan has not put this issue to rest at this point makes me surmise that there is indeed damaging information in his divorce files. Everyday that he allows the press to harp on this issue pushes him deeper in the hole; and with Obama playing national superstar that hole just gets more and more overwhelming. If I were the RNC, I'd give up on him too.

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