April 01, 2004

Freeing Your Mind is So Passe these Days 

posted by Scott @ 1:48 PM
Well, not exactly. Slate reports that LSD use is way down, but mainly because the supply has been hit recently by some major busts by the Feds.
And a more interesting explanations may have compounded this supply drought:

"The LSD market took an earlier blow in 1995, when Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia died and the band stopped touring. For 30 years, Dead tours were essential in keeping many LSD users and dealers connected, a correlation confirmed by the DEA in a divisional field assessment from the mid-'90s. The spring following Garcia's death (the season the MTF surveys are administered), annual LSD use among 12th-graders peaked at 8.8 percent and began their slide. Phish picked up part of the Dead's fan baseā€”and presumably vestiges of the LSD delivery system. At the end of 2000, Phish stopped touring as well, and perhaps not coincidentally, the MTF numbers for LSD began to plummet."

Surely kids are just moving on to the fancy new designer drugs that are all the rage these days, but my questions is what this will do to the future of America? Can our democracy survive a generation that hasn't spent the requisite time staring at its melting hand while in black-lit rooms? Will Phish do the right thing and start touring again to get the country back on track? Perhaps Congress could mandate Phish to include a rehashed Space and Drums set at each new show.

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