April 03, 2004

Nice Move 

posted by Scott @ 8:14 PM
Here's what Obama recently said about the Ryan divorce files:

"I'm not the policeman for what the media and everybody else does," Obama said. "What I can take responsibility for is my campaign and those people who are supporting me. And to the extent that people who are supporting me, including the Democratic National Committee or the Democratic [Senatorial Campaign] Committee are engaging in these kinds of things, I would urge them not to do so because I think Illinois voters really want to focus on those issues that are going to help them in their lives."

This is exactly what he needs to do at this point. Now thanks to the Tribune's lawsuit and the rest of the media's infatuation with these files, he can pull back and distance himself and the rest of the Democratic party from this whole affair. With the traditional media and blogs to keep the divorce story in play, he can coast above the fray on this one right through November. Even if the Trib lawsuit fails and other news sources choose to back off the topic, the blogosphere is an easy place to keep this story alive. After seeing Atrios and Kos in prominent places at the Democratic Unity Dinner, it's clear that the party knows the value of bloggers at the national level not only for fundraising but also for doing their dirty work, just as Limbaugh et al have done for the GOP for years.

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