May 26, 2004

A good ending to an otherwise boring day 

posted by Scott @ 2:41 PM
I usually don't admit to many people that I am sort of a fan of Fox's 24. Why? Because generally it's a silly show that is ridiculously stretched out by 24 different 'shocking' plot arcs. I spend a good amount of the time yelling at the screen for the show's inaccuracies and ludicrous attempts to make everything suspenseful. But the writing is usually decent, which makes me think that it would be a perfect show if it was called 12 or 7: the fact that it has to sustain itself for 24 episodes seems like an inherent design flaw. But as network TV shows go, 24 is pretty decent and like the seasons before a few of the portions of the show (mostly the last few episodes) were quite good. I started to get interested again toward the end when people started bleeding out of their orifices, and overall I loved the fact that Jack (Kiefer Sutherland) was pretty unlikable this season (taking a page from the greatness of the Tony Soprano character). The always hilarious Heather Havrilesky sums it all up:
Questions still remain, of course. What will become of President Palmer (Dennis Haysbert), now that he's no longer running for reelection? What will Palmer do, aside from appearing in ads for Allstate? Will he and Jack really become bestest friends like he promised? Will Kim and Chase's love go sour when they're changing diapers instead of sneakily instant messaging each other all day long? And most important, why has Kim spent the entire season in a pantsuit?

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