May 21, 2004

The State of Rock 

posted by Scott @ 9:53 PM
Nick Hornby thoughtfully laments the state of today's music without sounding like a whining old timer. Though I consider it one of the best albums in recent years, his assessment of Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot may have a ring of truth to it:

But part of the point of it is that its creators don't want to engage with the mainstream, or no longer think that it's possible to do so, and as a consequence cult status is preordained rather than accidental. In this sense, the squeaks and bleeps scattered all over the lovely songs on the last Wilco album sound less like experimentation, and more like a despairing audio suicide note.

Definitely take the time to read the whole thing. BTW I think the new Wilco, A Ghost Is Born, is really mediocre. Some good tracks but on the whole forgettable. Who told Jeff Tweedy he can solo? And the lyrics have sadly become stilted:

Oh, hold back
Oh, don't invite me
Once in Germany someone said nein

I guess not every album can be a classic. Sigh

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