May 03, 2004

This Seems Stupid to Me 

posted by Scott @ 11:50 AM
The Daily Herald muses that a playoff bound Cubs could be a critical factor in the November election:

"Cub factor: The fall campaign season typically starts after Labor Day, but there's one factor the U.S. Senate candidates have to consider this time around: the Chicago Cubs.

If the Cubs live up to their promise, they could make a run deep into the playoffs. Should they make it to the World Series, the Chicago media, and plenty of other people, would give a lot of attention to that.

That would be a good thing for whichever candidate held a lead in the race at that point. On the other hand, Republican Senate hopeful Jack Ryan and Democratic opponent Barack Obama would have a guaranteed huge audience to run TV ads at during each playoff game."

I love baseball myself and I realize what a huge event it would be in Chicago should the Cubs make it to the World Series (I'm originally from Boston so I know about championship droughts), but I can't seriously imagine it having much effect on the election. Sure baseball may compete for the top story on the local news and papers, but a.> I think voters are smart enough to separate their enthusiasm for the Cubs with that of the election and b.> that our news outlets have enough credibility that they wouldn't forget about one of the most important elections in years just because of a baseball series. I love BSing about campaign strategy as much as anyone, but I think that the importance of this factor should be sent back to left field where it came from. [Hey now!, (rimshot!) thanks I'll be here all week.]

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