June 23, 2004

BS Fatigue 

posted by Scott @ 2:13 PM
Ok, so I assume it's pretty obvious to everyone that Ryan is clearly lying when he says that he never denied that there was embarrassing items in his divorce file. Numerous Republican leaders have come out and said pretty much that. Like most other sane people, I repeat that I couldn't care less what Ryan did or didn't do with his wife, but it's his slimy attempts to avoid facing his past lies that is of real concern. It's the GOP's problem that he deceived them in March when they wanted to make sure that he was the strongest possible candidate to represent their party, but I think it's interesting and telling to see how exactly he is trying to wiggle out of this particular lie.

At the press conference on Monday, he was asked how he responded to party leaders' inquiries as to whether there was anything embarrassing in his divorce files. Carefully avoiding admitting that he actually lied, Ryan quibbled with the language of the question and said that he was not asked if there was anything embarrassing in the files by GOP leaders, but rather he claimed that he was asked "is there was anything in the files that would prevent him from becoming a good U.S. Senator." And of course he could say no to that.

But clearly that couldn't have been what was asked of him. Of course he was asked if there was anything in the files that would be damaging to his candidacy. Why else would people be asking him about the files? They were really concerned that his ability to vote on bills could be compromised by some past sexual deeds? Come on. Whether the files contained anything that would prevent him from being a good Senator......that's not a question anyone but a campaign writer would think up or utter. That Ryan had the gall to stand up there and repeat that line is just too much to stomach.

Again this is something the GOP has to deal with, but I think it's a good example of the general tone of that press conference and Ryan's response to all these allegations in general since then. It's insulting and tiresome to have to listen to these absurd attempts to wiggle out of his own web of lies. I don't understand why the Ryan camp thinks that this tactic of just repeating these equivocations will work. It's just going to piss people off and keep the press on their back.

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