June 25, 2004

It Makes Sense 

posted by Scott @ 1:36 PM
After so much bad mouthing from just about every direction within the party, I think it's wise for the GOP to just clean house and start over (of course the final decision is Ryan's but I'm sure that they can persuade him to do their bidding). Can you imagine how little support Ryan would get from key party leaders through to November? A large swath of 'supporters' would just be going through the motions. Not exactly great coattails to hang other campaigns in the state.

If Chico isn't a realistic Ryan replacement, I really really hope that Oberweis gets the nod. Just for his great commercials.

Blair Hull tries to get some sympathy out of this whole situation. Beyond divorce records, the one commonality of Ryan and Hull's campaign is that they both ran terrible campaigns. Both of their situations were weatherable; they just both didn't know how to properly handle them.

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