June 23, 2004

Press Conference Tonight? 

posted by Scott @ 2:28 PM
Wonkette says that CapitolFax is reporting that Ryan has a news conference scheduled for this evening at 7. She's wrong all the time with her "scoops" so don't bet the farm on this one.
And of course she's been having a field day with this whole incident.

UPDATE: No press conference of course. Serves me right for thinking Wonkette could be trusted.
But from the signs in the political air today, it looks like some sort of press conference may be in the making for later in the week. I guess those polls have to come in first, but from the language of lots of GOPers all over the tube tonight things don't look particularly rosy for Jack. Personally, I hope they stick with him. A wounded foe is better than a healthy dud.

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