June 23, 2004

Ryan Roundup Part II 

posted by Scott @ 11:51 AM
Santorum Raising Money for Jack Ryan--Atrios weighs in

Republicans rebuke LaHood for asking Ryan to step down
Fitzgerald said the fifth-term congressman is little known outside his Peoria-based 18th District. “I always say, ‘Ray who?’” Fitzgerald said.

Illinois Senate Campaign Thrown Into Prurient Turmoil

IL GOP national committeeman accused of urging Ryan info to be squelched

Ryan campaign disperses talking points
This is my favorite one:

The very notion that the individual - ANY individual - must be sacrificed for the good of the people … isn't that what we fought the Cold War over? I mean, isn't the notion that the state's interests trumps the individual's interests in itself a totalitarian concept?

Ryan works to shore up support for Senate bid

Senate Hopeful Ryan's Honesty Questioned

Comedians on the political campaign--Never thought I'd link to Jay "Oh My God He's So Unfunny' Leno.

Sex, lies and politics

Ryan's trouble with the truth

Pontificating politicians better watch their backs--Sorry to skewer this guy but read this quote and go look at the picture of him here:

Call me a prude, but I'd have a hard time voting for a guy who wants his wife to get kinky in sex clubs.
That lurid smile is kinky enough I guess.

Politicians' private lives disappearing

Poll: Many unfazed by Ryan files

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