June 08, 2004


posted by Scott @ 1:04 PM
The standard practice all over the press of commmenting on dead politicans whom you disagreed with seems to be to give them a week or so of peace and hold off any harsh critiques. That seems reasonable enough to me. Everyone has a family and I guess some people (not me) hold all presidents, whatever political persuasion, to be sublime in of themselves.
Not Cristopher Hitchens though. On Monday he ripped Reagan a new one before he even made it into the casket. With the saturation of 24 cable news and the networks tripping over themselves to roll out the cheasiest tributes, I'm sure that I'm not the only one out there that considered Hitchens' piece a breath of fresh air. And isn't that the beauty of Hitchens? That he's such a contarian, that he doesn't let anything get in his way in his ongoing mission to tear through hipocrasy and corruption? He took down Mother Teresa for god's sake.
Well, that praise would be warranted if it were the year 2000, but ever since 9/11 Hitchens has completely lost all credibility as he has championed one ill-conconceived Bush foriegn policy after another. To this day I am still stunned that someone who I admired as much Cris Hitchens can continually give a pass to this administration. That he can still swing his bat like he used to, as evidenced by this Reagan piece, just makes that fact so much sadder.

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