June 24, 2004

Why Did He Do It? 

posted by Scott @ 10:33 AM
The one question that I haven't heard anyone adequately answer is why, especially after the Hull incident, Ryan gambled his own political future on the chance that these files would remain sealed. What was his strategy? Was he just gambling that they wouldn't be released, which was at best maybe a 50/50 wager--bad odds if you're going to potentially take the State's party down with you. Last night on Chicago Tonight, State Rep Paul Froehlich was asked this very question and he just shook his head almost in disbelief and said "I honestly don't know." Is Ryan's problem that he's incredibly wreckless or just plain dumb.

John Kass seems to agree with the former:

"I don't care about his sex life. It's his judgment that worries me."

But I'm not willing to let him off the hook that easily. He's obviously a smart man who presumably surrounded himself with capable advisors. So what was their strategy in all this?

Update: Zorn has a good roundup of the latest editorials on Ryan. His Notebook got a nice plug on Chicago Tonight last night. Maybe Phil Ponce clicks over to this site every once in a while. Sigh, I can dream can't I?

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