July 27, 2004

Casting a Large Shadow 

posted by Scott @ 12:31 PM
But hopefully not too much. 
Sullivan may be right that that might have been one of the best speeches of Clinton's career.  The informal (but of course scripted) asides, the mix of humor and earnestness, the pacing........the guy is just an incredibly gifted speaker.  I honestly was floored; I forgot how good he is. 

Hopefully he hasn't set the rhetorical bar too high for Kerry though.  No Dem can compete with Clinton, but Kerry is a particular bore. I agree with Paul that last night was exceptionally done, and I imagine tonight will continue with that, but all this setup will be for not if Kerry can't drive the runs home with a charismatic and potent speech.

Anyone hear anything about Obama lately?  I think the press might be trying to blackball him.   

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