July 09, 2004

Da Coach? 

posted by Scott @ 11:01 AM
Ok, everyone has already had fun with this already, and it appears that it's not really as serious as first thought, but I have to plead with the Illinois GOP to please choose this guy to be your Senate candidate. Please, make your party a perpetual late night talk show joke, make even your most die-hard supporters cringe in shame, and set your party's hopes for regaining supremacy in the state back at least a decade. Like everyone, I love to watch a train wreck and even though a few weeks ago things didn't appear to be able to get worse for the Illinois GOP, the possibility of Ditka heading their state ticket is just too tempting to pass up. Can you imagine the debates between Ditka and Obama? You can't make this stuff up. I encourage everyone to go sign the petition. The world is a serious and dangerous place these days, we need some comic relief to keep our spirits up.

update: This is what Rauschenberger said after announcing that he is withdrawing his name as a potential nominee:
it's still a winnable race," but it would require a politician or celebrity known throughout the state or someone with access to personal wealth or an existing federal campaign fund.

What I think this indicates is that whoever the choice is will get little financial and organizational support from the Party. Why else would such a desperate measure as picking a football coach with absolutely no political experience be even a serious topic of conversation?
If Illinois Republicans really want Ditka's help, they should ask him what a good coach would do in their present situation. And that's punt. Put up a young rising star for the seat and get him or her some name recognition for the future. I still want to see Ditka debate though, so don't listen to me.

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