July 14, 2004

Headline Abuse 

posted by Scott @ 12:13 PM
A few days ago, I said that if Ditka decides to run for senate at least things would become sort of fun on the senate trail. After reading some of the headlines being churned out by the media in recent days, I take that back. If this happens it's going to be a crapfest. I forgot how unfunny and unoriginal the mass media can be with otherwise good material. Here's a sample. Send in other doozies when you come across them:

Ditka might blitz Senate

Ditka Candidacy Could Be Close To Goal Line

Ditka for Da Senate

Kindred: Hoping to see 'Da Coach' as 'Da Candidate'

Ditka huddles with Illinois GOP

The GOP's Hail Mary play?

Groan! All this 'fun' is going to get tiresome very quickly.

Reader Pete Anderson suggests:

He's right that none of the new outlets have the balls to run it. Sorry. Well keep the headine suggestions coming. Sorry again. I feel like Wonkette with the dick jokes.

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