July 22, 2004

NYT Editorial Page Weighs In 

posted by Scott @ 12:43 PM
"It's been looking a little too easy lately for Barack Obama, the Democrat running for United States Senate in Illinois against whom? Let's see. It's a little complicated. The race has been a little like the football scene in a Marx Brothers movie, with the candidate sprinting past a squad of defenders who look mean and beefy but end up slipping, sliding, colliding and falling all over themselves."

"But it would be too bad if Mr. Obama cakewalked into Washington. Not just for Mr. Obama, who would take office with an asterisk ("*ran against incompetents"). Illinois voters deserve to see a capable opponent force him to answer tough questions and defend his positions. In other words, they deserve a nonludicrous race."

Yes, it's too bad that Obama will probably get a free pass into the Senate, but there are worse scenarios for a politician.  He'll get six years to prove himself in the senate and will no doubt face a strong opponent in 2010, so he'll eventually have to face a few hurdles before his political career gets too advanced.  I understand the Times' lament, but I think in general this is a good thing for the Dem Party nationally.  If Obama doesn't need help, that aid can be spread to more critical races.         

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