July 28, 2004

Obama in Review 

posted by Scott @ 2:24 PM
I also thought that Obama nailed it last night.  He stepped on the applause a little bit and lost his rhythm once or twice (he was obviously concerned about running over his time limit), but overall the substance and style of the speech was pretty amazing.  By now everyone has heard him lauded by everyone and their mother (hell, David Brooks was dooling over him on PBS), so I don't have much to add. 

I don't claim to be someone who can sniff out political talent, but after hearing him for the first time during the primary it was obvious that this guy was an unique talent.  He just has that charisma factor that can't be taught and he combines that with an obviously acute intellect.  Putting him on a national stage like last evening just allowed everyone to experience that; and the more exposure he gets the better he will do.  

Whether you agree with his politics or not almost fades in the background, because he's able to pitch his ideas on such reasonable and non-partisan grounds.  It was absolutely Clintonian the way he cast his anti-war stance to the right of the Republicans and how he wove the need for social programs into the more basic principle of American individualism.  All this from a guy coming from the far left of the party, and it comes off ten times more convincing then anything Lieberman or Kerry have ever uttered.  Word is that Obama wrote the whole thing himself, pretty amazing.  And that was his first time with a teleprompter, geez he should give Hillary some lessons. 

Of course all the talk about him being president is pretty stupid.  He's got plenty of time to screw things up for himself.  But he obviously possesses all the tools to get there.  

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