July 14, 2004

On to Ted Nugent............. 

posted by Scott @ 11:38 PM
......that's what NBC5 was saying. Good god the Illinois GOP is a sad sack of a party. Grabowski's comments over at Archpundit pretty much sum things up:
What, we're back to actual politicians? BOOORRRINGGG!
We've got to have a few celebrities left in Illinois that we could float out there. Dennis DeYoung! Mr. T! Walter "Skippy" Jacobson! Is Oprah busy? Doesn't that guy who won the Apprentice live in Illinois now? Let's think out of the box, people!

Or maybe they could cut them all up into parts and reanimate them into one super candidate.

Saw Ryan on NBC5 at 10 tonight as well. I know everyone, including me, has been eyeing a Ryan return after all this chaos, but from what Ryan said in that interview about the Illinois GOP leadership that really doesn't seem all that likely after all. Basically he went out of his way to praise the Illinois foot soldiers and national party officials and explicitly skipped over the state leadership. That coupled with the harsh words Topinka has had to say about Ryan tells me that something more than a little spat is afoot. Unless some egos get tossed aside I'd say Ryan ain't coming back. Talk about holding grudges while your party sinks into oblivion. Not my problem. Fun to watch though.

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