July 13, 2004

Straight, Unvarnished Talk?!?! 

posted by Scott @ 10:55 AM
That's what the Illinois Leader sees as Ditka's advantage if he decides to run for Senate. Here's the example of that straight talk that they use to drive their point home:
"Well my platform would be what the people want. I hate to say that, that sounds so generic, but what do people want? You talk about banning smoking. Okay, why don't we ban abortion? Let's talk about things that are really important. You know you talk about, well, you think one thing can harm your health, the other one takes a life.
Come on here, you know you're talking to a guy that is ultra-ultra-ultra conservative. So you know people who don't like that, you won't like me one bit. But I think I'm about what the majority of this people in the country are.
I believe this country was founded under God. I think people who say it wasn't are crazy. But that's their biz; you know, that's me.
What you see is what you're gonna get. You're not going to like all of it. But you're gonna like some of it, and maybe you'll like enough of it to say okay this guy is all right."

Am I alone in thinking that this garbled mess of rhetoric is beneath the average Illinois resident's intelligence? What the hell is he talking about? People may respect this guy for his astute football knowledge and his rough but charming demeanor, but, and maybe I'm way off here, I really do have faith that the average Illinois citizen knows the difference between charm and the skills needed to be a U.S. Senator. Unvarnished straighttalk is one thing, incoherent rambling is another.

In any case, if the Democratic contender were some lifeless, Kerry-like, blowhard, I can see how people might turn to someone like Ditka, but Obama is actually a very plain-spoken yet obviously qualified and intelligent candidate.

I agree with Dan Johnson-Weinberger that this is a pretty nifty move for the GOP, but however much this alleviates their immediate ills it's going to set them back in the longrun by making them a national joke. But what do I care, as Mr. Ditka says, "that's their biz."

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