September 14, 2004

Outspoken: Chicago‚Äôs Free Speech Tradition 

posted by Scott @ 11:08 PM
This exhibit at the Newberry Library looks great.
This exhibit about Chicago's vibrant history of free expression includes approximately 130 objects from the collections of the Newberry Library and the Chicago Historical Society. Objects on display include artifacts, photographs, letters, magazines, newspapers, and ephemera relating to: slavery, immigration, labor relations, women's suffrage, communism, women's liberation, 1960s counterculture, presidential elections, Indian rights, Black Power, gay rights, and recent anti-war protests.
Go check out the website, exhibit starts Oct 1 and runs through mid-January. The Newberry Library has an incredible collection so this shouldn't disappoint. Maybe in 50 years, blogs will be on display. I think Zorn and Archpundit should offer to have themselves stuffed and displayed for that. Jeremy Bentham did it and he's a huge crowd magnet in London.

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