April 03, 2004

Again with the missle defense 

posted by Paul Smith @ 4:20 PM
The Bush Administration is rushing to enlist Japan and other countries in a missile defense shield alliance, the idea being that by having "facts on the ground" -- the defense system itself by the end of the year and widespread international buy-in -- it'll be that much harder for the program's critics to impede its progress. Seems like a sound approach, given that it has more or less worked for Israel and their security wall, but putting aside that for a moment--are they fucking kidding? Given the fact that Condi Rice was scheduled to deliver a pro-missile defense speech on 9/11 which explicitly downplayed the threat of asymmetric terrorist threats and she'll soon have to answer questions about the Administration approach to terrorism under oath to the 9/11 Commission, you'd think the President would, strictly from a political perspective, recognize that Star Wars is for all intents and purposes off the table for at least the duration of the election season. But, you know, it makes a world of sense, as its absolutely typical of an Administration that brazenly pursues its narrow self-interests, flaunting it even.

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