September 03, 2005

is this thing on 

posted by Paul Smith @ 5:44 PM
Scott McClellan, the White House press secretary, disputed the notion that Mr. Bush's long-term political viability was endangered and said Saturday that he was confident that the administration would be able to push ahead successfully with its entire second-term agenda. "There are a number of priorities and we will address all of them," he said.
Oh you mean one of the people nervous about the president's long-term political viability dismissed questions about the president's long-term viability. Mm.
Beyond that, some Republicans said the perception among some blacks that the White House had been slow because so many victims were poor and African-American undercut what had been one of the primary initiatives of the new Republican chairman, Ken Mehlman: making an explicit appeal for support among black voters, a constituency that has traditionally been overwhelmingly Democratic.
D'oh. Stupid current and history of practicing racism! You're ruining it!

Hooray! Remember how we reelected them?

That was awesome.


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