March 21, 2005

Culture War Inoculator! 

posted by Paul Smith @ 2:06 PM
Strike a blow for federalism! Stand up for the separation of powers! Stick a thumb in the eye of culture warriors!

It's easy!


  1. Download from the list below!
  2. Print it out!
  3. Fill out five (5) fields and sign it in front of two (2) of your friends or family members!
  4. Then they sign it!
  5. Give it to your lawyer or at least put it in with your important files (SS card, birth certificate, deed, etc.), and tell your family and loved-ones of your intentions!
  6. Pass this post on to your uninoculated friends and family!
  7. Done!


Source: the Illinois Living Will Act (755 ILCS 35)

Update: I fixed the links in the "Download" section. Hooray!

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