April 18, 2004

Woodward on 60 Minutes: stunning 

posted by Paul Smith @ 8:33 PM
I'm still processing Bob Woodward's 60 Minutes appearance after watching it for the second time, but the most immediate "actionable intelligence" from Woodward seems to me to be 2 things: 1) When Cheney, Franks, and Rumsfeld went to brief the Saudi ambassador to the US Prince Bandar, they brought with them a top secret war plan map marked "NOFORN," meaning no foreigners are allowed to view its contents; and 2) they are conspiring with a foreign government to influence the outcome of the election by manipulating oil prices.

OK, this is treason, right? I'm not being glib or rhetorical, I'm really asking. I mean, if it's not, what do we call it?

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