May 13, 2004

Obama one of the Dean Dozen 

posted by Paul Smith @ 12:19 PM
Howard Dean's new organization, Democracy for America, has come out with a list of 12 candidates it will endorse in upcoming elections. The list is comprised of candidates the organization feels "represent the spirit of grassroots democracy." More endorsements are forthcoming, including incumbents, which were excluded from this initial list.

Barack Obama made the cut:
The Dean Dozen

Barack Obama for United States Senate from Illinois. In the race to regain control of the U.S. Senate, Democrats have few better chances to pick up a seat than in Illinois. DFA volunteers all over Illinois helped Obama win his primary, now it's time to help him win the general. Stay tuned: I will be on the trail with Barack soon.
That last line from Gov. Dean himself. Interesting. Word has it that Obama campaign manager Jim Cauley has met with former Dean campaign guru Joe Trippi and other foot soldiers from the Dean experiment recently, who are eager to use Barack's campaign to prove that the Dean thing wasn't just about Dean, i.e., the methods -- Internet-based communications, community building, and fundraisings -- can translate to other full-throated, progressive Democratic candidates.

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