June 28, 2004

Davis-Moon, it just keeps going 

posted by Paul Smith @ 1:34 AM
Oh, no you didn't!
The official story from Davis' office was that he had no idea what was about to unfold when Moon went to the stage.

"We didn't anticipate the event to be one of a crowning ceremony for Rev. Moon," said Richard Boykin, Davis' chief of staff.

Why, then, was Davis carrying the crown to Moon?

"In the spirit of decorum, you just don't walk out," Boykin said.
Ha! I love the chutzpah. Put on these white gloves, you say? Well, alright, I don't want to be rude … hmm, a crown on a velvet pillow? I don't know, I am a Congressman, after all. Bow to him? OK, but that's the last thing! May I go now please, True Parent?

I'll let Dennis Roddy finish his thought:
Davis' profession of surprise would carry more weight if his own ethics disclosure forms did not show him accepting honoraria totaling more than $5,000 from two Moon fronts, the Family Federation for World Peace and the Pure Love Alliance.

The Pure Love Alliance, a pro-chastity group, worked its way into the curriculum of the Chicago Public Schools until it was ejected after someone noticed it advocating a Moon theory called "absolute sex." The theory, as espoused by Moon, suggested sex with a partner chosen by Moon.

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