June 13, 2004

Davis-Moon Watch, Part II 

posted by Paul Smith @ 5:37 PM
I think I can state without hyperbole that this video is truly one of the most unsettling things I have seen: to see members of Congress participating in a cult-like ceremony in which a right-wing media tycoon and leader of a controversial church is proclaimed the messiah is nauseating. I'm not a Christian or even religious for that matter, so it's not as if I'm offended by Moon's claims (except on an intellectual level, of course). Is it really necessary to state that I am disturbed to see our elected representatives credulously and subserviently going along with it?

John Gorenfeld is all over this story, but I want to shine a light in particular on Rep. Danny Davis' piece in this, following up on my previous post. It's a longish video, but you need only watch the first few minutes which focus on the March 23rd event at the Senate Office Building. In it, we see Rep. Davis reading from a poem written by Moon, some treacle about a "crown of glory." Moments later, during the "highlight" of the evening — the "Crown Peace Ceremony" in which Moon and his wife are enrobed and various figures come before them and bow [a pang in my heart as I hear the name of the Congressman of my home district in Maryland, Roscoe Bartlett, announced] — Rep. Davis, wearing a set of white gloves, brings Moon a crown on a velvet pillow. (House Speaker Denny Hastert (IL 14, R) is also named in the video as having sent congratulations to Moon.)

I plan to call Rep. Davis' office Monday with several questions concerning this. I will try to post any responses and give the Congressman or his staff a chance to explain his participation in this strange ceremony. Update: No time today, will try again soon.

Update: Photos of Rep. Davis at the March 23rd event: here, here [that's Davis underneath the "s" in "Awards"] and here

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