June 15, 2004

Davis-Moon Watch, Part III 

posted by Paul Smith @ 10:26 PM
Capitol Fax gets the interview I never got to do:
Davis said he "probably" met people associated with Moon "at some black church event or something with ministers and the relationship has probably grown over the years." (Moon's organization has run an outreach program to African-American activists and churches since the mid-1990s.)

"Generally, whenever I'm around them, they're talking two things, peace and family values. Both are things that I have a great deal of interest in, although I probably disagree with many of their social positions."
Davis sounds like a guy in denial with himself about how deep he is in something he knows is raising eyebrows all over. Either that or he's just soft-pedaling his criticism for fear of alienating Moon.

So, why does he bother with Moon? There are plenty of faith-based groups that talk peace and family values. He's definitely not trying to distance himself: is he getting contributions from Moon? Sure would be nice if a Chicago-based investigative reporter picked up this ball.

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