June 30, 2004

Obama to Give DNC Keynote? 

posted by Paul Smith @ 12:05 PM
Via So-Called Austin Mayor:
The Democratic National Committee has not yet announced or, in fact, selected the keynote speaker for its convention in Boston next month, but Senator John Kerry, the likely Democratic presidential nominee, let a hint slip here this morning.

"I cannot wait to hear his voice," Mr. Kerry said of Barack Obama, the Democratic Senate candidate here in Illinois, who became a hot commodity in national political circles after emerging from a crowded primary field this spring.
Can't say I'm surprised: what other Democrat has received such star treatment and unbridled adulation on the national scene this year? They need to do this after letting the GOP take the "big tent" concept away from them four years ago. Besides Jesse Jackson, when was the last time a person of color was in such a high-profile position in the party? [This post edited for clarity.]

UPDATE: But, no one will see it

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