July 30, 2004

Friday Funny 

posted by Paul Smith @ 5:37 PM
Two of my favorite blogs are ones I've just recently gotten to know. Jay Pinkerton, recently of the National Lampoon and a moderate blogosphere hit, makes me laugh almost the same that Sam Henderson's Magic Whistle does. Currently, he's winding his way through the "News Skim Comics," which starts thusly:

Spamusement is a clever concept: silly one-panel comics inspired by familiar spam "Subject" lines, like "Never be sick again," "We have located several horny women in your area!," "you were wrong cabinet sanchez" (which is of the variety that starts with a real phrase and then appends two random words), and possibly my favorite: "Tiny teen takes on the giant one-eyed monster!" (Not to worry, all work safe)

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