July 02, 2004

Polis Humbly Offers Webmail Independence 

posted by Paul Smith @ 4:52 PM
I have three (3) Gmail invitations to give away. For those of you who aren't obsessive technology nerds like myself, Gmail (that's not really fair about the "nerds": it has achieved pretty broad awareness) is the Google solution to free web-based email, like Hotmail or Yahoo, but it's cleverer (it uses nifty JavaScripting techniques to behave more like a desktop app) and they give you a whole gigabyte (1 GB) of space! I know! It's in invitation-only beta for the time being, so only powerful Internet mavens like myself can bestow the honor upon you. Or if you had just started a free Blogger (also Google) account. You know, either way.

To get an invitation, post a comment below, but (and here's the catch) write a few words about why you read Polis. Really. We have no idea. It's a mystery to us, even.

This also signals rather light posting for a few days as Scott and I regroup and think about which Congressman or other candidate for office to embarrass next. Kidding! They bring it on themselves, am I right, people?

UPDATE: Whoops, I forgot to mention that we need your current email address in order to invite you to Gmail. So send us a note with your address to polis.chicago@gmail.com.

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