August 16, 2004

A Bit of Housekeeping 

posted by Paul Smith @ 8:59 PM
I'm switching Polis back to HaloScan comments. It's nice that Blogger tried to integrate a comment system, but you have to log in to leave a comment, even anonymously. That's annoying and I think discourages people from participating. The HaloScan way is easier.

Update: I was informed that you can post anonymously without logging in via the Blogger system. There's still a extra page to wade through. At any rate, I prefer the HaloScan system. Plus it enables trackbacks.

Update of the second: I went a little compulsive and tackled the style of the site. Nothing huge, just tightened up some of the sizing, removed some crufty HTML, and shuffled a few things around, like prominently displaying the byline (there was some confusion recently about who was posting). Reactions?

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