August 04, 2004

GOP Gives Alan Keys To Their Senate Hopes 

posted by Paul Smith @ 11:02 PM
The state GOP has asked Keyes; he wants the rest of the week to make a decision.
Members of the Republican State Central Committee that chose the candidate said race wasn't the important factor; the committee wanted "somebody who appeals to a broad spectrum of voters," said co-chairman Stephen McGlynn.

Considering that they did run through a number of non-black potentials in the recent weeks, the first part of that graf may seem plausible to someone who hasn't been paying attention. But everything changed last Tuesday when their challenger turned into the hottest black politician in the country. Then Barthwell's and Keyes' names go to the top of the list.

"Somebody who appeals to a broad spectrum of voters": considering Keyes' far-right and fundamentalist views, I'm guessing the balance of that quote reads "in Wheaton."

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